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Aug 21, 2019

Matt, Ryan, and Dan chat about the Josh Gordon reinstatement and Duke Johnson moving to Houston in the first half of the episode before moving into a 2019 RB1 discussion. Based on several studies over the last several seasons, we know that on average, about 50% of the top 12 running backs in one season do not repeat as a top 12 running back the following season. Using that as a framework, we do three drafts. 

Draft one: who are the safest 2018 top 12 running backs to repeat in 2019?

Draft two: who are the most likely 2018 top 12 running backs to fall out of the top 12 in 2019?

Draft three: who are the most likely non-top 12 running backs from 2018 to become one in 2019?

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