Jeff Miller is once again joined by fellow DLF Senior Writer Dan Meylor and special guest Joshua Lake. Josh is a two quarterback maestro, so the guys picked his brain over basic strategy for the rapidly growing format. Jeff and Dan then discuss camp battles two months earlier than they should be discussing such things.

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This week George and Nick focus on running backs with guest Graham Barfield (@GrahamBarfield). They discuss the value of receiving backs in the PPR environment and if the first round running back resurgence will continue. Then, Graham breaks down his Running Back Yards Created analysis and applies it to the 2016 rookie running back class.

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Join host Jeff Miller and his guest Dan Meylor for 70 minutes of down and dirty salary cap discussion. If you've been considering getting into a cap league or are in one already, the dynamic duo have plenty of advice, tips and tricks on how you can take your team to the next level. And if you aren't into cap leagues, at least listen long enough to hear Dan call Jeff out for subtly calling him stupid.

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This week on the DLF Dynasty Podcast’s 200th episode, George and Nick continue the rookie talk, discussing where they have slotted rookies in the DLF positional ranks. They will highlight players they have ranked differently and talk about some general rookie draft strategy. They then welcome Footballguy and Rookie Scouting Portfolio author Matt Waldman (@mattwaldman) to the show and dive into undrafted free agents and see who the RSP’s Key Master is keeping an eye on!

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Join Jeff and Nick with guest and DLF writer Izzy Elkaffas for a special draft coverage edition of the podcast. And by special, we mean long. Really long. But we promise it is worth your time, as the guys cover every single dynasty relevant player from the draft in detail, from Zeke Elliot to priority undrafted free agents. Eat your heart out Mel Kiper Jr., this is the best post-draft coverage you'll find anywhere.

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George hosts a special episode of the DLF Dynasty Podcastfocusing on Individual Defensive Players (IDP). He is joined byEric Olinger and Adam Tzikas to discuss the impact of the NFL Drafton the IDP landscape. Looking to learn more about IDP? Eric gives abrief introduction to the format along with basic strategies andother considerations

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Join Jeff and Nick as they discuss why 2017 first round picks cost more than a new car and give you some tips on how to watch film on running backs and wide receivers. If that wasn't enough, they welcome in The FFGhost to talk about his ORANGE Report and three late round sleeper picks who may end up being huge fantasy values. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll hurl, and maybe, just maybe, you may learn something along the way.

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In this very special edition of the DLF Podcast, hosts Jeff Miller and George Kritikos lay to rest the dynasty value of a famous, or perhaps infamous fantasy footballer. They also welcome this week’s guest, Rich Hribar (@LordReebs) of The Fake Football website, the Faked Goods Podcast, Rotoviz, numberFire, XN Sports, Fantasy Insiders, and DraftDay Consultants fame. He joins the guys to discuss the NFL draft, teams in need, later round players who may be worth your attention, candy, Tecmo Bowl, and more.

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The DLF Dynasty Podcast has returned! After a few weeks off the podcast is back with a trio of new hosts and a first time guest. Join Nick Whalen, George Kritikos and Jeff Miller as they kick off a new era of the DLF Dynasty Podcast.  They are joined by DLF Senior Writer Jacob Feldman to discuss the most recent DLF rookie mock, Josh Gordon, what Johnny Manziel might do for cash if this whole football thing doesn’t work out.

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Jarrett and Karl discuss free agency and are joined by Patrick Daugherty of Rotoworld and NBC Sports.

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