Karl & Eric once discuss one thing they are curious about for each playoff teams in round one of the NFL playoffs. Ryan McDowell returns to conclude thier startup mock draft. 

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Karl & Eric are joined cover all the dynasty angles as the fantasy and NFL season wind down. From not-so-smokin' Jay Cutler, to the Niners collapse against the Chargers, to BeastMode and more, there is plenty to cover.  Ryan McDowell then joins in and the guys knock out a three round startup mock draft. 

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Karl and Eric discuss the weeks events, including the debut of Johnny Manziel, the awesomeness of Odell Beckham, and more. They are then joined by some of DLF's newest writers to share their worst moves of the year.

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Karl and Eric are joined by Evan Silva of Rotoworld and the Fantasy Feast Eatin Podcast to discuss the lessons learned from this year, including RB uncertainty, Gronk, paying for performance instad of potential, and more. 

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Jarrett and Karl welcome Liza Loza and John Evans of the X's and O's podcast.  They discuss late season strategies, news from week 13 of the NFL and have some laughs along the way.

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Jarrett & Karl help you prepare for your fantasy playoffs by discussing league trade deadlines, "the catch", WR's & QB's and more. The guys are then joined by Matt Williamson of ESPN to talk about some high upside players.

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Eric Hardter and Karl Safchick cover the news and notes from week 11 in the NFL, and are joined then by Mike Clay of Pro Football Focus to discuss end-of-season roster moves.

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Jarrett& Karl discuss the news of the week including thoughts on Cam Newton, Mark Sanchez, the Denver RB situation & more.  Renee Miller of Rotoworld, PFF and many other sites then joins in to discuss cognitive bias in fantasy football.

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Jarrett and Karl discuss the the dynasty value of Andrew Luck, Ben Roethlisberger, Nick Foles, Marc Sanchez and more. Eric Hardter later joins in for a two round mid-season rookie mock draft where they mock the current values of the 2014 rookie class.

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Jarrett and Eric cover the news from week eight in the NFL, including Tom Brady's big game, Brian Quick's injury, rookie wide receivers and much more.  The guys are then joined by Sal Stefanile of sportable.is and xnsports.com to discuss Quarterbacks, QB dynasty strategy, 2QB leagues and more.

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